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Jewel Jamison

Meet Jewel Jamison, an incredibly intelligent and the most popular digitally animated 8th Grader at Computer Mania Middle School.  Jewel absolutely loves chemistry, and tries to find a solution to everything!  She is named after her favorite cell physiologist, Jewel Plummer Cobb! 

During Computer Mania History Week, Jewel learned so much about Jewel Plummer Cobb!  She learned that not only was she a cell biologist and cell physiologist that was known for her work with melanin, but also an educator and researcher that encouraged women and people of ethnic backgrounds to enter the sciences.  Jewel also learned that cell physiology is the biological study of the cell’s interaction and mechanism in its environment, and “physiology” relates to all normal functions that take place in living things.  How exciting to have been named after such an outstanding role model!

Jewel likes cheerleading and gymnastics, and has won first place on many occasions when she competed.  She has at least 10 gold medals hanging from her dresser in her bedroom.  Jewel also is President of the SGA, and organized this year’s 8th grade dance where they went “green” and decorated the entire gym beautifully with all recycled decorations!  She also volunteers at Computer Mania Elementary School, where she teaches 4th grade students how to create Power Point presentations.  And of course, Jewel just loves technology!

Jewel lives with her parents, her sister Ciara, her brother David, and her dog, Sasha.  Jewel’s inspiration for chemistry began with her mother, who is on the External Advisory Board of the University of Maryland College Park Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering Department, and is President Elect of the University of Maryland College Park’s Engineering Alumni Board.  Her sister Ciara is going to Greece this year as an exchange student and her brother David is going to the University of Delaware, where he majors in health care administration.  He will be graduating in May, and has a job offer from Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Jewel believes she will go to college after high school and pursue an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, and will keep on going to earn an M.S. in chemical engineering, and will ultimately receive a Ph.D.  She also sees herself running her own company, where she will make a difference in lives on a global scale by providing quality health resources in many areas.  Jewel also would like to create a non-profit organization, and believes that if her mind perceives it, she can and will achieve it.

Is Jewel excited about starting high school?  You bet!  Although she will be leaving some of her friends behind and will be going to a much bigger school, Jewel can’t wait to make new friends, participate in school activities, have new experiences, and begin to learn many new things that will help her reach her future goals and dreams.  She will also get to study abroad this summer, and will receive an iPad 2 as a graduation gift.  What does Jewel have to say about all of this?  Bring it on!






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